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addressing equipment: w770

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Pitney Bowes w770 Product Picture
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Feature Information
Throughput The w770 will print between 1000 and 7000 pieces per hour. Rate dependent on the type style, envelope size and number of address lines used.
Graphics Printing Envelope Graphics Printing is available with installed memory. Files can be in .BMP, .GIF or .EPS format. The ability to print more intricate graphics requires memory to be present in the printer.
Port Connections Both a parallel and serial interface port are installed. The printer is capable of auto-detecting the data stream so there are no ports or switches to set.
Label Printing The w770 is specifically designed for envelop printing and can print on sheet labels.
PC Applications The w770 can connect to Windows based PC applications capable of sending output to either a serial or parallel port.
Support Fonts This unit can print any True Type font installed to your computer system.
Resident Fonts Courier, Sans Serif, Roman, Baxter, Dingbat, Hancock, Marina, Quicny, SIlicon, Springer, Stencil, Windmill and OCR-A Fonts are resident on this unit.
Network Printing The w770 is capable of printing from an installed network. Contact your organizations network administrator for the specifics of your particular environment.

Setcom gives you more for less, Guaranteed !

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