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Setcom Mailing Systems --- Gives you more for less, Guarenteed!
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wanted: high volume inserters

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Do you want to replace your existing Pitney Bowes equipment?
   Dissatisified with the trade-in value you're being offered?
      Are you looking to sell these Pitney Bowes models?

  • Pitney Bowes APS
  • Pitney Bowes FPS
  • Pitney Bowes MP
  • Pitney Bowes FlowMaster

As a reseller of quality pre-owned Pintey Bowes equipment, we purchase these models in all quantities.

Contact us today for a free price quote using the form shown below.

Brand Product   Request a quote
Pitney Bowes APS Pitney Bowes APS quote
Pitney Bowes FPS Pitney Bowes FPS quote
Pitney Bowes Flowmaster Pitney Bowes Flowmaster quote
Pitney Bowes MP Pitney Bowes MP quote

Setcom gives you more for less, Guaranteed !

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