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series 12

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Pitney Bowes Series 12 Inserter

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Series 12 Inserter

Product Features

"This is the most powerful inserter in the market today !" It Sorts, Folds, Selects and Inserts up to 12,000 envelopes per hour. Four years ago, this fully "loaded" model originally sold in this configuration for over $800,000!

Today, Setcom is offering it to you at the great low price of only $55,000!

Just look at the configuration you get:

  • DC Ultra File Base Windows NT system
  • Continuous Form Feed
  • Dual Accumulator
  • 18 Feed Stations
  • Trimming Vacuums
  • IST Intelligent 4 Tray Stackers
  • Latest Updates with OMR, 3 of 9 Bar Code, etc.
  • Continuous Form Feed BAFTS
  • Optional: R-150 (R150) Mailing Machines

Setcom will provide this machine to you in any of three grades, wholesale, refurbished or remanufactured, and secure an annual maintenance agreement for any remanufactured machine you purchase.

Gigantic savings are yours when you purchase from Setcom

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BAFT with 3 of 9 OMR Intelligent Trayer Stacker IST Intelligent Trayer Stacker IST Burster
Paper Controller Trim Vacuum RS150 / RS-150 Cutter Attachment

Setcom gives you more for less, Guaranteed !

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