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SPECIAL RARE OFFER- Series 8 DC Inserter - Only $18,500
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Pitney Bowes Series 8 Inserter

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This unit, which can accomodate up to 14 insert stations; is currently being offered in "Like New" condition for just $38,000!

Series 8 Inserter - Representative Photo

Product Features

High Volume Series 8 Inserter

The Pitney Bowes Series 8 is "perfect for high volume mailers" with speeds of up to 8,000 pieces per hour.

Minimal downtime -- Virtual non-stop operation -- Built-in diagnostic tools -- Maximum throughput! This system delivers quality file based processing allowing merged print streams. Choose between direct scan or file-based processing ensure superior integrity and accuracy

Invoicing, Statement Processing, EOB, DDA or Direct Mail Applications -- This unit does it all! Setcom recommends the Pitney Bowes Series 8 as a great economical solution to your processing needs.

Equipment Benefits

  • Process letters or flats at up to 8,000 pieces per hour
  • Options up to 14 insert stations
  • Accurately tracks and manages each piece from insertion to finish
  • Auto-Synchs multiple input streams
  • On-line printing of address, return address, piece identifiers and Postnet Barcodes
  • Automated production management
  • Will do address correction, presorting or ZIP + 4
  • Sheet Feed or Trim and Burst
  • Wide variety of folding options include half-fold, c-fold, z-fold, double fold and parallel
  • Simple Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Auto Adjustment
  • Low fault rate
  • Built in diagnostics -- Virtual non-stop operation
  • Quiet operation

Setcom will provide this machine to you in any of three grades, wholesale, refurbished or remanufactured, and secure an annual maintenance agreement for any remanufactured machine you purchase.

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Setcom gives you more for less, Guaranteed !

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